3 Step Framework to Self- Heal Your Inner Child, Cold Depression, and BREAK Ancestral Karmic Cycles through Kundalini Yoga Therapy and Spiritual Psychotherapy 






In this free Masterclass, you’ll learn:



The 3 Step SWC Framework to self-heal your inner child, rewire the subconscious mind, and break ancestral karmic cycles



How natural holistic techniques like kundalini yoga therapy and spiritual psychotherapy can  be used to self-heal inner child programing from the damage that emotional trauma and our ancestor's karma causes 


 How to avoid the TOP 3 Mistakes most women make on their self-healing journey

Are you dealing with repeating relationship toxic patterns, addictions, money or chronic health problems? 

Between all the change happening in the world, in our body, mind, & Spirit and the obviously failed health care system especially as it relates to mental health, it can start to feel like healing and living a sovereign life are merely hopeful dreams. 


This is especially true if you have tried many other healing techniques both traditional and alternative.


But the truth is that getting to the root cause and self-healing holistically is something we can all do.


I call it ordinary women doing extraordinary things!


  Holistic healing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to heal from any inner child wounds and awaken spiritually-  IF you take the right approach.


The problem so many women have is when it comes to healing they’re spending SO much time focused on the WRONG things - like looking at the symptoms only, or not addressing their inner child programs, subconscious mind, our ancestors karma, and how the brain deteriorates because of emotional trauma.


Joining this Masterclass will help you finally understand what to focus on to heal your inner child & rewire the subconscious mind so you can break ancestral karmic cycles of pain in your lineage, therefore, healing yourself & healing generations before and after you.



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This masterclass is a must-attend if you are…

  • If you are someone that keeps repeating patterns of toxic relationships, illness, abuse, and prosperity blockages .
  • At a crossroads in your life Spiritually, Physically, & Mentally and may have or are overcoming emotional trauma
  • If traditional methods of healing have not worked or do not resonate
  • If you are a Spiritual Seeker that is ready to heal, transform, and fulfill her dharma, her life purpose

A personal Invitation from Joti Radjeep Kaur, Veronica Barragan 

As the founder of the @sovereignWomanMovement at Satori Wellness & Spirituality, I help women take their sovereignty back by healing their inner child programming, rewiring the subconscious mind, & break ancestral karmic cycles. 

I am the founder of Satori Wellness and Spirituality and the @sovereignWomanMovement, an online virtual community of #sovereignWomen taking their sovereignty back with the SWC method that I created and teach inside of Satori. 

The strategies you’ll learn in this Masterclass are based on the years of work I’ve done personally in healing from inner child programming, alcohol addiction, and my personal spiritual awakening, as well as the women I have helped in their own personal metamorphosis.

Too many women make the mistake of investing time and money into healing modalities without a solid strategy or plan to make it work.

There are some simple steps you need to master in order to heal your inner child, rewire the subconscious mind, and break ancestral karmic cycles of lack and pain, which you will learn in this Masterclass.  

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Becky M.
Words can not express how wonderful it feels to celebrate my One Year Sadhana Anniversary.
A year ago I took a leap of faith and started a journey of self-love, healing, and self-discovery.
As I sat still and let my breath guide me to the deepest part of me I did not know.
My sadhana has brought me closer to life.
It has brought out the best version of myself.
I have realized that life does not need us to force anything just sit quietly and let the answer arise.
My life’s perspective has changed drastically, I live for the day and see the beauty in everything.
I’ve learned to let go of what you can’t control.
And that forgiveness is the best remedy for the heart and soul.
Im here for the journey as I understand this path is a lifetimes of work.
I thank my wonderful teacher @veronicabarraganiam for the guidance and wisdom you continue to provide ♥️
Lpic- 2020 Rpic-2019
Hari Om. Tat Sat.
Diane C.
The best decision I ever made was to get out of my own way and surrender. Surrender to the fact that my soul needed to heal. Traditional therapy did not help. I knew deep down something else was out there to show me the way and then you showed up My sovereign angel from God This community has changed my life, my relationships, my future ! Thank you for following your path It is your path that is clearing the way for others
Tricia M.
When I found out about Satori Wellness and Kundalini Yoga, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was suffering internally mentally, Spiritually, and even Physically and I knew that I needed to make changes in my life.
Part of the program that I Experienced early on we where assigned a specific meditation specific to us and 
I started to do my practice and when we had a 40 day challenge,  I was one of the first ones to complete it. The reason I stayed disciplined with it was because I saw immediate results. 
I saw results with my relationship with my husband, I saw results with my relationship with my children, I saw results financially, physically, and mentally as well.


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