The Power, Science, & Spirituality behind Intention the 3rd Principle of Ancestral Healing ep 168

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2023


The third principle of Ancestral Healing INTENTION is one that many women struggle with which keeps them in disruptive toxic intergenerational patterns passed down from generation to generation. But, did you know that science has proven that setting clear intentions can unlock your full potential, increase motivation, and improve outcomes in all areas of life? So why don't we set intentions for healing our ancestral lineage? And why do we struggle with staying committed to our intentions? In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Podcast, we dive into the science and spiritual metaphysics of how intention is not only a powerful tool for personal growth and professional success, but also an essential principle for ancestral healing and disrupting the patterns. We also look at this week's Astrology and luckiest day of the year Jupiter and the Sun Coming together as well as preview this week's kundalini yoga meditation to help us integrate this principle and balance our...

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The #1 & Most Difficult Principle of your Personal and Ancestral Healing

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2023

We all come from and carry the past, it is our DNA, yet it has been forgotten because culture and history continues to move forward at a speed that can often cause us to forget our roots.

We also have forgotten it because due to a lot of patterns of trauma, we bypass our own healing and the awareness we need to make the changes we need to make.

The problem with this is that there is no real healing if we don’t remember and honor our ancestors, our past, and if we don’t address our patterns at the level of our DNA. In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement , we are kicking off a 7 week series in which you will learn the 7 principles of Ancestral Healing & how these principals show up in your life. We also look at the number 1 Principle of ancestral healing which is the most difficult one to embrace.

I then will be following up each week with a second weekly video here on my channel, with a specific kundalini yoga meditation to help support the principal we go...

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How to Create Miracles to Disrupt the Ancestral Pattern, Spring Equinox + Pluto in Aquarius Rebirth Ep 166

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2023

WE.ARE.HERE. The most important and pivotal week of the year is upon us. Happy Spring Equinox #sovereignwoman! With today's Spring Equinox, Tuesday's New Moon in Aries marking the new Astrological Year, and the Pluto ingress from Capricorn, where it's been since 2008!, and now moving into Aquarius, which hasn't happened since 1770's, I am not exaggerating when I say that life will never be the same again. The problem with things changing so quickly is that if we don't catch with the change too, we will suffer and go extinct . In this video we look at these life changing transit of Pluto in Aquarius marking a time of great revolution and the connection with the Spring Equinox Rebirth we are all undergoing. We also talk about how to create miracles in order to disrupt the ancestral karmic patterns at the level of the DNA that keep you in the same loops of toxicity . Happy New year and Happy Rebirth!



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Third Eye (Intuition) Chakra, Pituitary Gland Kundalini Meditation to go from Fear to LOVE EP 163

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2023

In this Video we are learning about the the third eye chakra which governs our intuition and Pituitary Gland. A healthy third eye and pituitary gland is important in order to go from constant states of fear, anxiousness, and not trusting, to faith, love, and acceptance.
This state of consciousness is what our ancestors the Mayan spoke about when they referred to the Age of Harmony. To access this state of consciousness we have to have a healthy Third Eye or Pituitary Gland.
Below are the instructions and music to the Meditation and feel free to Share your experience of this meditation below in the comments. Sat Nam From Indra Nittri means the eyes of Indra.
It connotes the feeling that every pore of the body becomes an all-seeing eye.
It represents knowledge that comes through the soul and intuition. The body is a temple through which you can experience the consciousness of the Infinite. As that happens, all...
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Healing your Deepest Wound , Full Moon in virgo & thE Mayan prophecy of going from Fear to LOVE Ep 162

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2023

Did you know that technically speaking you actually don’t have to DO anything to heal?

That’s right, you can simply decide you are healed in your mind and the body will heal . In fact our Mayan ancestors prophecies included a time in which humanity would be transitioning from fear to love, with capabilities such as self-healing & experiencing the divine within Today’s Full Moon in Virgo will be forcing you to address your deepest core inner child wounds that have been patterns in your life and in the life of your ancestors. And with the impact of the rare transit happening tomorrow of Saturn moving into Pisces for the next almost 2.5 years, you are going to feel this need for change and healing in your bones .

In today’s video of the Sovereign Woman Movement Show We look at what you need to know about today’s Full Moon in Virgo as well as the Mayan Prophecy of humanity going from Fear to LOVE. We also talk about this Week’s Kundalini Yoga...

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Clear Your Throat Chakra from Trauma and Confidently Communicate with this Kundalini Meditation Ep 161

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2023

Inner Healing Work is Shadow work or basically becoming aware of all the skulls together like we talked about in last week's video, of those things we deny or have not been given the space to be seen, acknowledged, trauma, abuse, many times running for many generations.
We don’t have to forgive, but we do have to do the inner work of acceptance, especially self acceptance and that comes through our inner work of meditation.
In this next video of our Series on balancing and healing our chakras or energy centers in order to bring into union our hearts and brain , I share with you this kundalini yoga meditation to clear the throat chakra. It is also said that if you do this meditation for 11 minutes daily for 18 months, your face will not age and it will give endurance, intuition and reverse disease.
This is how we truly disrupt the ancestral karmic patterns. Integrate the meditation and share in the comments your experience.
Sat Nam
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Uncategorized Mar 01, 2023

Buckle up  #sovereignWoman and get ready for a life changing March! 

We have arrived at the most pivotal month of 2023. In more ways than one, the astrology of March is about cutting ties with BIG past karmic cycles and patterns, so we can begin moving into this New Earth and reality.   

Expect MAJOR monumental change, as six planets shift signs, one for the first time in three years (Saturn in Pisces), another for the first time in fifteen years (Pluto into Aquarius)!PLUS we have a new Astrological Year as we welcome Aries Season AND the Spring Equinox which is all about rebirthing!

I share all the details about what this means to you specifically and how to prepare with this week's Kundalini Yoga Meditation in today's podcast episode of @sovereignWomanMovement Podcast.  

We also go over this week's Mayan Prophecy of the Skulls, what this has to do with the massive changes happening in March and your personal healing and disruption of...

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Mayan Prophecy of Kaokan: The Connection Behind Mother Earth's Blocked Energy Grid & Our Healing

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2023

This week’s astrology update features a mystical yet reality check New Moon In Pisces which will help us understand better the 3rd Mayan Prophecy we are discussing today of Kaokan.   We also look at why this prophecy explains the serious issues with mental health we are having in the world and the solution, the medicine , to work through this Prophecy with  kundalini yoga and meditation.    Thank you for subscribing and sharing!   

Claim your Sovereignty.  

Sat Nam  Joti Radjeep Kaur Veronica Barragan   

Founder- The Sovereign Woman Academy Satori Wellness LLC      

Click here to download my free Eguide and Weekly Holistic Health Plan for body, mind, and Spirit to break ancestral karmic patterns   

Free Training-Click here to sign up for my free Master Class on my 3 Step SWC Method of Breaking Ancestral Karmic Patterns in Your Lineage...

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Master Your Emotions, Kundalini Solar Plexus Meditation for this huge Shift in Consciousness

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2023

The Second prophecy of our ancestors the Mayans stated that humans would go to through extremes and either lose control of their emotions OR strengthen their  inner peace due to the massive earth and consciousness changes occurring.  

This big shift is directly correlated with our emotions and energy which is connected to  the Solar Plexus chakra. In fact, the Solar Plexus Chakra is leading the way in how you and I are evolving from physical awareness using our five senses to spiritual awareness experiencing the divine from within and life through vibration and frequency.  

So what we are doing on my youtube Channel  is going over each of the Mayan prophecies and then doing what they advised us to do to heal and take our sovereignty back body, mind, and spirit during these times which is to connect heart and brain with tantric practices like kundalini yoga and meditation.  

To do this each week we are activating and healing a specific chakra...

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Mayan Prophecy #:2 What Mother Earth is Experiencing and the Impact it Has on Your Solar Plexus

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2023


We are working through the Mayan Prophecies and in today's episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Show, I share with you The Second Mayan Prophecy, the mass physical and spiritual changes we are going through, and why our ancestral trauma patterns are more obvious and painful today.  We also go into this week's Astrology, what this has to do with the Second Mayan Prophecy, and this week's Kundalini Meditation to clear your Solar Plexus as we work through clearing each of our chakras to reconnect our brains and heart.  Claim your Sovereignty.


Sat Nam

Joti Radjeep Kaur Veronica Barragan

Founder- The Sovereign Woman Academy Satori Wellness LLC

Click here to download my free Eguide and Weekly Holistic Health Plan for body, mind, and Spirit to break ancestral karmic patterns

Free Training-Click here to sign up for my free Master Class on my 3 Step SWC Method of Breaking Ancestral Karmic Patterns in Your Lineage...

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