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"“I am so grateful for Veronica and this academy. I have released many old patterns and thought processes. The meditations along with the community support have been key to all the breakthroughs. I recommend this to everyone, we all have work to do within in order to expand our minds and personal growth.” "

Nancy K.


I believe all women can holistically self-heal body, mind, and Spirit and break ancestral karmic cycles in their lineage with my SWC Method of Kundalini Yoga Therapy and ACIM Spiritual Psychotherapy .

"“When I found out about the Sovereign Woman Academy and Kundalini Yoga, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was suffering internally mentally, Spiritually, and even Physically and I knew that I needed to make changes in my life. Part of the program that I Experienced early on we where assigned a specific meditation specific to us and I started to do my practice and when we had a 40 day challenge, I was one of the first ones to complete it. The reason I stayed disciplined with it was because I saw immediate results. I saw results with my relationship with my husband, I saw results with my relationship with my children, I saw results financially, physically, and mentally as well. SO I would highly encourage you to become a #SovereignWoman member of Satori Wellness.” "

Tricia M.

" I am so grateful to share this journey with beautiful, powerful women like yourself and at satori. I am beyond amazed, and happy. I’m seriously going through some major life changes, painful, and scary but at the same time enlightening, awakening, joyful, and happy because I’ve found my truth. I’ve found my peace, love, and happiness within. I can see the beauty in everything even though it seems everything is falling apart but coming together at the same time. Beautiful journey. Sat Nam! #SovereignWoman "

Elvira M.

How long have you been waiting to finally have the confidence to go all in on healing your body, mind, Spirit?

How long have you been waiting to align with your Soul’s legacy?

Six months?

A year?


It took me a long time to prioritize my mental, physical, and spiritual health too and it cost me my Sovereignty.

It almost cost me my life.

But when I finally surrendered by turning inward and the sacred science and technology of Kundalini Yoga came into my life, I learned how to process emotions, which are in fact energy in motion.


I learned how to stabilize my nervous system.

I learned how to Master and heal my Energy.

I faced myself. 

I learned how to change my DNA to heal ancestral karmic patterns.

I took my Sovereignty Back

And I can show you how to holistically self-heal body+mind+Spirit and break repeating ancestral karmic cycles in your life. 

Breaking the Cycle: Recognizing Generational Toxic Relationship Patterns FREE Assessment

"The best decision I ever made was to get out of my own way and surrender. Surrender to the fact that my soul needed to heal. Traditional therapy did not help. I knew deep down something else was out there to show me the way and then you showed up My sovereign angel from God This community has changed my life, my relationships, my future ! Thank you for following your path It is your path that is clearing the way for others ."

Diane C.

Change your DNA

Epigenetics now proves that very few diseases are passed down genetically, but what does get passed down intergenerational is our ancestors coping mechanisms, traumas, addictions, and mental instabilities such as depression. Our DNA is our ancestors memories and science now shows we can alter our DNA through sound, breath, and other holistic techniques. By doing this you change patterns of addiction, lack, poverty, abuse, and trauma from your life and generations before and after you. 

Change the Program

Our nervous systems are shaped in the womb based on our Mother's Nervous system and her environment. Our brains are in Teta stage from ages 0-7 making us like sponges absorbing all the programming around us and creating subconscious programs and neural pathways in the brain. We need to change the program to be able to fully bring the healing circle home.

Stabilize the Nervous System

Cold Depression is when the external demand is greater than the internal capacity to deliver and we have spent our reserves. We are depressed but we are so numb and insensitive to our own self, we do not feel it. The depression is therefore “cold.” This leads us to inner anger and isolation from our soul.

Information overload, unrelenting stress, and rapid change contribute to Cold Depression. Bigger. Faster. More. These are all elements of modern life. The glandular and nervous systems of most people on the planet are not sufficiently developed to meet this challenge. When we don’t have the energy within, we seek it outside ourselves. We go for the rush.

We instinctively counter the numbness of Cold Depression with behavior that fulfills the need for stimulation. A person experiencing Cold Depression does not seem depressed to herself or others. This is because she is busy, active, and appears energized. She may overwork, create “emergencies,” or drink 6 energy drinks a day. He may engage in extreme sports, risk taking, or substance abuse. The insensitivity of Cold Depression leads to reactivity, impatience, and drama.

Holistic wellness and Spirituality

Whether you have experienced emotional trauma or have inherited the ancestral karma of generations before you, everybody deserves to live an enlightened, empowered life liberated from the blockages and programming that holds us back. Introducing Satori, a virtual wellness and women’s #sovereignWomanMovement that specializes in guiding women toward spiritual awakening through the SWC method which encompasses spiritual, emotional, energy, and mental healing. In addition to addressing the neuroscience of healing the brain and rewiring the mind, Satori offers a clear path to spiritual sovereignty using the methodology of metaphysics and kundalini yoga. The #SovereignWoman movement at Satori is dedicated to helping members of our community to embrace their unique gifts, unload and reprogram their subconscious mind, remember who they are, and awaken their souls. If you’re ready to learn how to be a master of your emotions, understand energy alchemy, transcend pain, guilt, and shame and enliven your spirit, the SWC method at Satori may be what you are looking for. Your journey starts today. We can’t wait to meet you.

#SovereignWoman Academy

Group Coaching Academy

Heal Your Body, Mind, Spirit

Rewire DNA and Ancestral Karma

Completely reboot your lifestyle with permanent healthy habits 


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#SovereignWomanMovement Satori Membership

Join the movement.  Take the initiative to heal your life and take your Sovereignty with the inner  SWC work. Welcome to your online Virtual Women's Community and Holistic Wellness Center and introduction to my SWC Method of kundalini yoga therapy + ACIM Spiritual Psychotherapy  

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"This is an amazing program if you are ready to make a dramatic change and connect with your souls purpose. It is a transformative experience. Veronica is so attentive and always readily available to help you every step of the way. Having a support system of amazing goddesses is something you can also look forward to. If you are ready to take charge of your power and live in your highest frequency this is the program for you. #Satnam "

Yesenia Medina

"The feeling I have lately with the changing of my mindset is amazing. Thank you Veronica Barragan for blessing me with this knowledge and journey. #sovereignwoman Sat Nam!"

Kenya T.

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"It was helpful to have a practice to go back to when fear and anxiety wanted to hit. Feel stronger than ever, my heart wide open. Interesting, intense, beautiful, POWERFUL! Learned a lot about myself." Mayra M. #SovereignWoman

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