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One of the biggest gifts I received in my recent Mayan Temazcal Ceremony was the ability to connect the dots between the wisdom of the Mayan Ancestors and Kundalini Yoga. I shared more about that experience in my last video, but in this video we begin our 7 Week kundalini meditation journey of using kundalini yoga meditations to do exactly what our Mayan Ancestors are telling us to do in order to heal ancestral trauma and THRIVE in sovereignty in this new age of Aquarius which is- bring union to the heart and brain by activating our chakra centers. In today's video, we explore the link between the Mayan ancestors and kundalini yoga, and practice together the Sat Kriya Meditation which is a fundamental for awakening our kundalini energy and to heal this week's chakra the Root Chakra. Please see links below mentioned in video as well as music played.
Comment below if you are in for the next seven weeks and bring a friend!
Sat Nam
Please see links below mentioned in video as well as music played.
Comment below if you are in for the next seven weeks and bring a friend!
Sat Nam
Sit on the heels in Rock Pose, knees together.
Mudra: Stretch the arms over the head with elbows straight, until the arms hug the sides of the head. Interlace all the fingers except the index fingers. Traditionally men or male-identifying people cross the right thumb over the left, and women or female-identifying folks cross the left over right. Use whichever configuration feels right for you.
Eyes: Eyes are focused at the Brow Point. Mantra & Locks: Begin to chant "Sat Naam" with a constant rhythm of about 8 times per 10 seconds. As you pull the navel in and up toward the spine, chant "Sat" from the Navel Point. Feel it as a pressure from the Third Chakra. With the sound "Naam," relax the belly. The focus of the sound Naam can be either at the Navel Point or at the Brow Point. As you continue in a steady rhythm, the root and diaphragm locks are automatically pulled. The steady waves of effort from the navel gradually enlist the movement of the greater abdomen.
The spine stays still and straight. This is neither a spinal flex nor a pelvic thrust. Remain firmly seated on the heels throughout the motions of the kriya. Breath: The breath regulates itself - no breath focus is necessary.
Music: 3 Minutes Recording https://open.spotify.com/track/4o8iTioj8XW6ZmrUUVPQ8r?si=6c845cac96834f8c
11 Minutes : https://open.spotify.com/track/1N7pnkpVYPqpxqwH1XJggm?si=c219c0e5a23f4181
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