3 Reasons Why You Feel Lost & 3 Ways to Come Back Home to Yourself EP 134

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022


As we enter into the age of Aquarius, or information and technological era, more and more women are feeling lost . 

In fact, feeling like they have no purpose, lonely and just overwhelmed and filled with an existential crisis,  is one of the TOP challenges women tell me they are trying to overcome when they come to me for holistic healing coaching and mentorship. 

And if we really understood how our brains are impacted by technology, a lifestyle of high stress, cold brew coffee, plandemics, and not healing our childhood and ancestral wounds impacted, oh my gosh of course we would better understand why more and more women feel lost.

But just as we have as many challenges in this age and era we have incredible holistic tools  and solutions to not just survive but THRIVE and know you are not lost .

Today on the SWA we are gong to be looking at the three top reasons you feel lost and the 3wasy you can bring holistic healing solutions as well as this...

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Learn to do the Inner Work- Kundalini Meditation to heal Body and to Heal Others EP133

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022

When my clients ask me how they can heal their physical body, I always tell them that in order to do that they have to Get Rid of:

treating only symptoms

not releasing stored memories of trauma that get stored in the body and end up as illness

the addiction our bodies have to the stress hormone cortisol due to stress in our environments that could have started since you were a child

And instead holistically (body +mind + Spirit):

learn to process emotions

heal the nervous system

shift the perception they have of being a body and it’s purpose

practice specific kundalini meditations to release these memories from the body, shift Perceptions, & learn to process emotions


In this episode of the Podcast I share with you sharing with you the medicine a kundalini meditation that is incredibly powerful for self-healing and healing others. This Meditation has made a huge impact on my healing journey and has helped me with healing others as well.

Check out this episode to...

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Holistically Healing The BODY EP132

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2022



You are not a body.

All physical illness starts as an emotion energy in motion and then shows up LAST as illness in the physical body.

Healing only happens at the level of the mind because you are not a body.

Now I totally understand that when you hear me say that you are not body your reaction is probably like first of all she sounds crazy, second of all how does this even serve me?

Pain is real suffering is optional. 

I am not saying to deny your body and experiences you are having, I am asking you  to shift the purpose of what the body is for in order to heal. 

In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast we look at lesson 199 of A Course in Miracles, I am not a body, I am free as well as how to understand the purpose of the body in order to get to the root cause of illness and holistically heal it. 


Click here to download my free Eguide and Weekly Mental Health Plan for healing holistically and breaking intergenerational...

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Learn to do the Inner Work- Wa He Guru Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Spiritual Healing EP 131

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2022


The biggest illusion we incarnate to learn is that we are never separate from GOD or Source.

This belief in itself is what we need to heal in order to holistically heal the body and mind as well.

On this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast we look at: 

-How Mantra impacts our lymphatic system, brain, and nervous system

-The Kundalini Yoga Wahe Guru Mantra and how to Use it in Meditation for Spiritual healing and experiencing the bliss of the divinity within 


Click here to download this week's Kundalini Yoga Meditation and A Course in Miracles Spiritual Psychotherapy Work: Weekly Inner SWC Work


Click here to download my free Eguide and Weekly Mental Health Plan for healing holistically and breaking intergenerational trauma: www.veronicabarraganiam.com/roadmap

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Why We Need Spiritual Healing this once in a lifetime Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces EP 130

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2022



When we have physical or mental illness we rarely address the healing of our spirit.

We are a society that has been educated out of our spirituality and programmed into using mainly the logical mind, but to heal you eventually must include the spiritual aspect.

It is our spirit/soul that must integrate information for our minds to make sense of our world and happiness.

If we cannot heal on the level of the Spirit nothing will be permanent and the mind will always breakdown which means the body will follow. 

In today's episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement podcast we talked about the 3 main reasons we need spiritual healing, the science of the brain behind it, and why it's important during this super rare once in a lifetime, most important day of 2022- the planetary alignment  which happens only every 165 years of Jupiter in Pisces Conjunct Pisces.

We also look at this week's A Course in Miracles lesson and spiritual psychotherapy work as well as...

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Kundalini Yoga Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for rewiring the Subconscious Mind EP 129

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2022


The biggest reason that the healing journey is not love and light is because our mind is not all love and light.

Within our mind lies patterns of darkness and shadows along with the light. 

Basically patterns of low frequency thoughts like fear and high frequency thoughts and emotions of love, which not only create our physical, mental, and spiritual well being but our REALITY .

On the last episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast we talked about healing of the subconscious mind and why the healing journey is not all love and light, and on this episode I share with you the Medicina to rewire the subconscious programming. 

In this episode, we are learning how to do the inner work together by learning how to kundalini yoga meditate with the Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra and Kundalini Yoga Meditation known as the Kirtan Kriya to not only unload the subconscious mind and rewire it, but as proven by Universities like UCLA, and University of Pennsylvania and Virginia to...

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3 Things to know about the Healing Journey, ACIM Less 1 EP 128

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2022


A lot of women think that the healing journey and inner work like meditation is all love and light.

And I totally get it I mean it’s almost become a trend to meditate and be spiritual as if meditation was an experience you always had to enjoy and made you an automatic "better" person.

But the truth is that if the healing journey was all love and light everyone would be doing it .
I am also very aware of the barriers for women of color to access this information and feeling worthy enough to know they can heal and live a sovereign life.

There are 3 things to know about the mind on the healing journey:

1-with the inner work you are entering into the 81 chambers of the mind, hotel rooms in your subconscious mind that you have never entered before, for a big reason. Of course it's going to be uncomfortable. Healing is training the mind to stop judging and instead start seeing with the heart.

2-the healing journey is not linear, but cyclical and only an untrained,...

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April Energy Update and 3 Things You have to Do to Align With your Life Purpose EP 127

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2022

The Month of April will be a month filled with major opportunities to manifest your wildest dreams! 

A once in lifetime Astrological event happening on the 12th of Jupiter, Neptune in PISCES which only happens every 166 years. 

But what if you don’t have clarity on your dreams? 

What if you feel lost about your purpose in this incarnation, stuck at a dead end job, or even an owner in a business or industry your simply are no longer aligned with?

Well today on this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Show Podcast, we are talking about One of the top questions I get from women on their healing journey which is: how do I FIND my life purpose?

I also give you an overview of the key dates to look out for in April and this rare alignment of Jupiter, Neptune, and Pisces that will offer major opportunities for healing and manifestation. 


Click here to download my free Eguide and Weekly Mental Health Plan for healing holistically and breaking...

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3 Things to Know to Stop Giving Your Power Away to attackers on your healing Journey You EP 126

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2022


One of the biggest illusions or hindrances on our healing journey is believing it’s someone else’s fault for how we feel. 

Basically, allowing someone else or something outside of us to take our peace .

This impacts women not just in their personal lives but in their careers and businesses. 

And I get it, It’s so easy to fall into a victim mentality if someone attacks you or triggers you. 

You might be minding your own business and boom someone calls you out on that one thing you know you don’t like about yourself and you are like DAMN what did I do to deserve this?

But what if I told you that there is a BIG Reason you are aligning with these attacks and that it is in your hands to take your power back because your peace cannot be taken from you even if someone attacks you?

In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast we are talking about 3 things you need to know and DO to stop giving your power away to external...

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3 Ways to Know if you have inherited Ancestral Intergenerational Karma ep 125

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2022


When we think about healing, we usually think about healing the body or even the mind, and skip over addressing our Spirit.  

We simply can't skip over healing our Spirit if we truly want to feel whole and complete.

And when it comes to healing the Spirit, we simply can't skip over rewiring and clearing the ancestral karmic cycles, otherwise known as intergenerational trauma, we have inherited.


I get asked a lot, how do I know if what I'm going through has to do with intergenerational ancestral karma?

So in this episode we are looking at: three top ways you'll know you are the carrier of ancestral karma, Encanto the children's movie, and how to start healing yourself so these karmic cycles are broken. 


Sat Nam 


Click here to download my free Eguide and Weekly Mental Health Plan for healing holistically and breaking intergenerational trauma: www.veronicabarraganiam.com/roadmap

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