Sovereignty & Self-Healing with @Shakti_Sita founder of @the_Pallas in Sedona EP 107

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

So excited to finally sit down with Mentor, Coach, Astrologer, Kundalini Teacher, and badass sovereign woman Shakti Sita who is the founder of The Pallas in Sedona, AZ a Kundalini yoga and meditation oasis.

In this episode, we sit down Shakti Sita shares her self-healing experience and the kundalini awakening that lead her to Kundalini Yoga and eventually moving from the hustling bustling city of New York to finding her home in mystical Sedona, AZ . 

Shakti Sita is also a student of Guru Jagat who recently left her body and transcended onto her next mission, and she shares with us the magical and powerful experiences she had with Guru Jagat in the last year including her trip to Egypt and the assignments Guru Jagat left for her and continues to help her with from the Spirit realm in this lifetime. 

This is a super powerful episode that will make you rethink the healing and grieving process and will open your heart to the magic that is available for you to experience in beautiful Sedona. 

Connect with Shakti Sita on instagram @shakti_sita and @the_pallas 

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Sat Nam 

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