Overcoming Triggers after Relationship Betrayal, How Your Brain & Body Keep Score EP108

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2021


Relationship Betrayal can mean different things to different people, but what we can all agree with is that betrayal in a romantic relationship can cause severe mental, physical, and emotional problems not excluding low feelings of self-worth, anxiety, depression, and inability to focus. 

It's also hard to decide what's worse the actual betrayal or what happens after you first find out or you yourself are discovered betraying your significant other. 

In this episode of the @SovereignWomanMovement Podcast, we look at what betrayal is and how your body keeps score, and the brain's functionality deteriorates. 

We also look at why traditional therapy doesn't work and how getting to the root cause of the issues, which is releasing the memories from the body that stores betrayal trauma and restoring the area of the brain that is damaged through betrayal trauma is KEY in order to eliminate those triggers, learn to trust again, and strengthen your self-worth. 


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