Fall Equinox- The Most Important day of Your Life, Rituals, and Origins EP110

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2021

Happy Fall Equinox and Rebirth #sovereignWoman. 

On the Fall Equinox, the Northern Hemisphere leans away from the Sun, the Southern Hemisphere leans toward the sun (opposite for the spring) creating a perfect angle.
You can do major psychic surgery and rewire subconscious programming on days like today where the angle of the energy can turn karma to dharma and help you reach higher levels of worthiness and allowing yourself to receive the manifestation of your visions.
This diagonal energy creates a portal with an excellent opportunity to manifest, heal, and transform your life with the right technology or energy work like kundalini yoga.
If you align your life by practicing specific meditations with these angles of the sun to the Earth Equinox, you can clear energetic blockages from the DNA, ancestral programs, & traumas from your body, mind, & Spirit.
Our ancient ancestors like the Mayans, Aztecs, and Egyptians built great pyramids that aligned with these energies and left us a lot of information as to how we could also harness this energy.
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Wishing you a Fall Equinox of transforming karma into dharma and a new chapter in your life filled with grace and sovereignty

Sat Nam,

Joti Radjeep Kaur
Creatress: Sovereign Woman Academy

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