Worthiness, Conscious Community, the Brain & Costa Rica Vibes Episode 111

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2021

I'm back from Costa Rica #sovereignWoman, with a lot more to share with all of you about healing the most important relationship you'll ever have, the relationship with yourself, and embodying self-worth. 

The feeling of our own unworthiness is the most pervasive form of suffering in our time.

It blocks us from manifestation and we also self-sabotage to continue to perpetuate the suffering. 

And the truth is that it takes energy, CHI, and a healthy brain to heal this nasty programming and thrive in today's fast-moving, information-consuming time. 

 In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Show Podcast, I share with you the most important lessons learned on my trip to Costa Rica and how a conscious community positively impacts your level of self-worth by repairing the brain. 


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