How to Harness the Power of Winter Solstice and Christmas for Healing & Rewiring Subconscious Programming Ep119

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Happy and blessed Winter Solstice #sovereignWoman. 

Yogi Bhajan, the tantric Master who brought Kundalini Yoga technology from the East to the West, would often talk about how the two most important days in our lives every year are the Winter and Summer Solstices. 

The Solstices not only impact our body, mind and Spirit tremendously, but also allow us the opportunity through meditation to blow through and deconstruct traumas, belief systems keeping us physically or mentally ill, and ancestral patterns that don't serve us from our lineage.

Winter Solstice and The birth of the light within is very symbolic and synonymous to the Celebration of Christmas that when understood correctly, we can see as the birth of the Christ Consciousness or light within and a process we all go through.

During both Winter Solstice and Christmas, due to the change in cycles of the Sun and how that affects Mother Earth, we have a bigger energetic opportunity to through meditation rewire subconscious patterns no longer serving us, learn to create a temple within to feel safe in the mind, and allow the birth of the light of Christ Consciousness to be birthed within. 

In today's Sovereign Woman Show Podcast, we look at how our ancestors celebrated the Solstice, the 5 step meaning of Christmas, and what you can do to harness this energy for your own personal healing and spiritual awakening. 

Wishing you a blessed Winter Solstice 

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