How to Master Your Emotions, Full Moon in Cancer EP 122

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022


We are mostly made up of water which is why full Moon's have a way of flaring up our nervous and making our emotions erratic. 

This is definitely not an understatement for today's Full Moon in emotional Cancer that is asking us to become still amongst the noise, to come home to ourselves, and to follow our heart.

Cancer is all about Divine Feminine creative energy, Heart Coherence, no logical mind. 

Cancer can bring up Mother Wounds and this is especially true this Full Moon with Pluto opposing the Sun bringing our suppressed shadows to the light.

Our dear friend Pluto loves to dish up Karmic lessons, repeating themselves so we can learn to respond differently and break the pattern.

Uranus the planet of rebellion, sudden change and shock going direct tomorrow is influencing this Full Moon and says don't shoot the messenger....As above so below.... here's a few epiphany's that will set you free if you are willing to take self responsibility and see through the eyes of compassion and forgiveness.

Big conceptual changes in our thinking and BEING, our Status Quo, how we show up authentically as ourselves this Full Moon and major awareness around what our motives are as we learn these lessons. 

Or are you learning them? 

Are you present to what is happening, mastering your emotions or letting your emotions master you?

In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast we talk more about this energy and go deeper into understanding how to Master your Emotions, what self-mastery is, and what that has to do with healing the mind. 

Sat Nam


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