Sacred Healing Locations on Mother Earth + What is Holistic Healing? EP 123

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022


So I'm just now getting back from mystical and auspicious Crestone, Colorado.

My family and I were lead to Crestone very auspiciously 7 years ago and we've been going there at least a couple of times a year for the last 7 years and especially anytime we are seeking an energy and consciousness upgrade.

High energy, sacred places on Earth serve a big purpose on our healing journey and Soul's evolution and can also be catalysts for growth and transformation.

Being in the stillness of Crestone right before the Spring Equinox allowed me to gain a lot more clarity about my own Soul's journey and clear guidance on next steps.

I put together a lot of dots in what has happened in my life and in my work in my group coaching program the Sovereign Woman Academy of teaching women how to holistically self-heal body, mind, and Spirit in order to break intergenerational trauma or ancestral karmic cycles just like I did and just like my clients are doing.

During these fast changing times, it is easy to get confused or have misconceptions about holistic healing or any type of approach in alternative medicine, so in this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast we debunk those misconceptions.
We also look at what holistic healing really is and the tremendous and positive impact of accessing high energy places like Crestone, Colorado on our holistic healing journey


Sat Nam 


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