How to Use Meditation for Self-Healing- Spring Equinox Rituals EP 124

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2022

Have you been intuitively feeling like it’s time to let go of that one toxic habit impacting your wellness?

Are you more inclined right now to get organized & review your daily routines for higher productivity ?

Well you aren’t alone because today’s Full Moon in Virgo arriving two days before the Spring Equinox & the start of a brand new Astrological year is leading us towards our rebirth by showing us where In our self-care & wellness journey we will need to make changes to allow the metamorphosis to unfold.

And guess what?

With Pluto being trine this Full Moon we have all the support in the world for our transformation.

In this episode we talk about how to use meditation for self-healing and harness the energy of this Full Moon and Spring Equinox for transformation and rebirth. 

We also look at why and how our Ancestors like the Mayans and Aztecs welcomed Spring Equinox with reverence for spiritual evolution. 


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