Kundalini Yoga Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for rewiring the Subconscious Mind EP 129

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2022


The biggest reason that the healing journey is not love and light is because our mind is not all love and light.

Within our mind lies patterns of darkness and shadows along with the light. 

Basically patterns of low frequency thoughts like fear and high frequency thoughts and emotions of love, which not only create our physical, mental, and spiritual well being but our REALITY .

On the last episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast we talked about healing of the subconscious mind and why the healing journey is not all love and light, and on this episode I share with you the Medicina to rewire the subconscious programming. 

In this episode, we are learning how to do the inner work together by learning how to kundalini yoga meditate with the Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra and Kundalini Yoga Meditation known as the Kirtan Kriya to not only unload the subconscious mind and rewire it, but as proven by Universities like UCLA, and University of Pennsylvania and Virginia to repair and heal the brain and even reverse the effects of Alzheimers. 

We also look at how our children can benefit from this sound frequency during these high technology and information consumption times. 

Enjoy and let me know when you start your 40 day practice. 


Sat Nam 

Links Mentioned in the Episode: 

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Sa Ta Na Ma Kirtan Kriay Meditation Music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3buZNBqLqmrcCZuJZbtRUD?si=65973adcb04d435e

Children's Version of Sa Ta Na Ma: https://open.spotify.com/track/5OJdtN0cTpC35jLeTpIm1k?si=1304c0c0ce9e4fcb


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