Why We Need Spiritual Healing this once in a lifetime Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces EP 130

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2022



When we have physical or mental illness we rarely address the healing of our spirit.

We are a society that has been educated out of our spirituality and programmed into using mainly the logical mind, but to heal you eventually must include the spiritual aspect.

It is our spirit/soul that must integrate information for our minds to make sense of our world and happiness.

If we cannot heal on the level of the Spirit nothing will be permanent and the mind will always breakdown which means the body will follow. 

In today's episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement podcast we talked about the 3 main reasons we need spiritual healing, the science of the brain behind it, and why it's important during this super rare once in a lifetime, most important day of 2022- the planetary alignment  which happens only every 165 years of Jupiter in Pisces Conjunct Pisces.

We also look at this week's A Course in Miracles lesson and spiritual psychotherapy work as well as specific ways we can holistically heal spiritually like Kundalini Yoga, Ayahuasca and Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy. 


Check it out and happy Jupiter, Neptune, Conjunction. 


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