Learn to do the Inner Work- Kundalini Meditation to heal Body and to Heal Others EP133

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022

When my clients ask me how they can heal their physical body, I always tell them that in order to do that they have to Get Rid of:

❎treating only symptoms

❎not releasing stored memories of trauma that get stored in the body and end up as illness

❎the addiction our bodies have to the stress hormone cortisol due to stress in our environments that could have started since you were a child

And instead holistically (body +mind + Spirit):

✅learn to process emotions

✅heal the nervous system

✅shift the perception they have of being a body and it’s purpose

✅practice specific kundalini meditations to release these memories from the body, shift Perceptions, & learn to process emotions


In this episode of the Podcast I share with you sharing with you the medicine a kundalini meditation that is incredibly powerful for self-healing and healing others. This Meditation has made a huge impact on my healing journey and has helped me with healing others as well.

Check out this episode to learn about the miracles of healing it created in my life and please handle the meditation with reverence when practicing as it is very sacred. 


Let's do the inner SWC work!

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