3 Reasons Why You Feel Lost & 3 Ways to Come Back Home to Yourself EP 134

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022


As we enter into the age of Aquarius, or information and technological era, more and more women are feeling lost . 

In fact, feeling like they have no purpose, lonely and just overwhelmed and filled with an existential crisis,  is one of the TOP challenges women tell me they are trying to overcome when they come to me for holistic healing coaching and mentorship. 

And if we really understood how our brains are impacted by technology, a lifestyle of high stress, cold brew coffee, plandemics, and not healing our childhood and ancestral wounds impacted, oh my gosh of course we would better understand why more and more women feel lost.

But just as we have as many challenges in this age and era we have incredible holistic tools  and solutions to not just survive but THRIVE and know you are not lost .

Today on the SWA we are gong to be looking at the three top reasons you feel lost and the 3wasy you can bring holistic healing solutions as well as this week's A Course in Miracles Lesson to help you in the process. 


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