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One of the most common questions that I get about my SWC method and the deep inner healing work I teach is-

how do I know if ancestral healing is something I need to do?

Followed with are you chosen for this work or do you choose this work? 

Why do some people break ancestral patterns of addiction, toxic relationships, illness, & plateaus in prosperity, while others don't?

Well the truth is that your ancestors don't choose you.

We are ALL being intuitively guided by our bloodline to break these karmic patterns, but it takes a very courageous #sovereignWoman to answer YES to the call and say, "the pattern ends with me"

And not just because I say so, but because I have the tools to do so at the level of the DNA.

On this episode of the podcast, I share with you why on today's full moon we have a major opportunity to use the Sagittarius risk taking, adventurous, untethered nature to take a quantum leap into our new life after the major rebirth we have all been undergoing, but withouth bringing the baggage of our past and deepest wounds with us. 

We also go deeper into how to chose yourself to be the one that breaks these pattens in your life and lineage and how to do it so you can uncoil the limitless potential that exists within you and tap into the path your ancestors are laying out for you from the ethers of ancestral wisdom, abundance, and SOVEREIGNTY . 


Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius #sovereignWoman 


Sat Nam


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