Why Ancestral Karma Impacts You Even When you Didn't go Through the Trauma Yourself Science of Epigenetics EP 144

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2022


There was this one time that I was coaching a client and she told me that she felt a lot of anger and anxiety, but that there was nothing in specific in her childhood that she could even remember that would be causing  it. 

And it's not just this client, there are other clients that have expressed to me the same concerns.

They can't pinpoint the cause for their anxiety and feel lost and confused as to why they are struggling with life so much and repeating patterns in their lineage.  

What we don't know is that our anxiety, depression, and physical and life challenges as adults, aren't always just the cause of our childhood.

The truth is that you ancestor's intergenerational trauma can absolutely turn on in you the genes of addiction, depression, and other toxic patterns in your lineage years and years later if you don't manage stress correctly or if you yourself go through a traumatic event. 

In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast Show, we are looking at: 

*Why we suffer with our ancestral karma generations later 

*The science of epigenetics and how your genes express themselves due to trauma

*Stories of women who never experienced trauma as children, but as adults started suffering with addition. mental health, and even toxic relationship patterns 


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