AWARENESS-The #1 thing you must develop to Disrupt Ancestral Karmic Patterns EP 152

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022

Are you struggling with repeating karmic patterns in your life of anxiety, depression, toxic relationships, trauma, or prosperity blockages?  Do you feel like you're stuck in a cycle of super challenging energy making you feel lost and overwhelmed?   If so, what is the key to unlocking your potential and breaking free from,  recognizing, and changing these ancestral karmic patterns? Some of the most common questions I get on the healing journey. 

Regardless of the question, there is always one place we all have to start and that is developing AWARENESS.  First awareness as to what pattern you are operating under causing you to recreate the same lessons and keeping you stuck.  Second the awareness of the tools to change these patterns.  

In this video, I show you what awareness is and why it's the number one thing you need to develop to Disrupt Ancestral Karmic Patterns. We also look at the tools- how meditation is a tool to expand your AWARENESS and how through meditation, you are taking a Holistic approach to changing these patterns by expanding your awareness and addressing BODY, Mind, AND Spirit.     

Time to become aware of the ultimate truth, your beauty, power and SOVEREIGNTY.  

Disrupt the pattern #sovereignWoman


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