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Buckle up  #sovereignWoman and get ready for a life changing March! 

We have arrived at the most pivotal month of 2023. In more ways than one, the astrology of March is about cutting ties with BIG past karmic cycles and patterns, so we can begin moving into this New Earth and reality.   

Expect MAJOR monumental change, as six planets shift signs, one for the first time in three years (Saturn in Pisces), another for the first time in fifteen years (Pluto into Aquarius)!PLUS we have a new Astrological Year as we welcome Aries Season AND the Spring Equinox which is all about rebirthing!

I share all the details about what this means to you specifically and how to prepare with this week's Kundalini Yoga Meditation in today's podcast episode of @sovereignWomanMovement Podcast.  

We also go over this week's Mayan Prophecy of the Skulls, what this has to do with the massive changes happening in March and your personal healing and disruption of ancestral toxic patterns in order bring in the New Earth and brand new reality. Find the new episode everywhere podcasts are streamed or on Youtube.  

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Happy and Blessed March and Rebirth to all of you.   


Sat Nam


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