Clear Your Throat Chakra from Trauma and Confidently Communicate with this Kundalini Meditation Ep 161

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2023

Inner Healing Work is Shadow work or basically becoming aware of all the skulls together like we talked about in last week's video, of those things we deny or have not been given the space to be seen, acknowledged, trauma, abuse, many times running for many generations.
We don’t have to forgive, but we do have to do the inner work of acceptance, especially self acceptance and that comes through our inner work of meditation.
In this next video of our Series on balancing and healing our chakras or energy centers in order to bring into union our hearts and brain , I share with you this kundalini yoga meditation to clear the throat chakra. It is also said that if you do this meditation for 11 minutes daily for 18 months, your face will not age and it will give endurance, intuition and reverse disease.
This is how we truly disrupt the ancestral karmic patterns. Integrate the meditation and share in the comments your experience.
Sat Nam
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