Self-worth Boundaries, Parenting, & control w/@vidad3lizzy EP83

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2021

Self-worth, it seems that very few want to talk about it, yet it is so important to our sovereignty as women. 

In this episode of the @sovereignWomanMovement Show Podcast, I sit down with my Friday co-host @vidad3lizy for some serious #realtalk around a #sovereignWoman 's self-worth and: 

-Setting Boundaries 

- How self-esteem is created by controlling others

-How Self-worth comes from the heart and Self- Esteem from the mind 

-Why Women of Colors struggle in having lower self-worth i business and having the hustle mentality 

- Compassion for self and awareness of your own Bull Shit 

- Self-worth in your parenting 

THis is a jam-packed episode with Lizy dropping so much wisdom, grab your tea, coffee, or favorite drink and tune in. 


Sat Nam 


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