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Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021


Last year, many women found themselves in completely different work environments. 

Many going from the office to working from home. 

Today, we are seeing those same women that invested so much time in energy in acclimating themselves to last year's changes, now entering back into their business offices. 

Yet, no one really prepared them for the stress that this would put on them.

This is exactly what our Friday co-host of the @sovereignWomanMovement Show is experiencing and what we are talking about on this episode of the @sovereignWomanMovement Show. 

The truth is that that the stress we are experiencing today is wayyyyyy different than even what we experienced just ten years ago.

In this episode with Lizy, we get real on the truth about handling stress TODAY and the difference between stress when you are on the healing journey vs when you are bypassing your own healing.  

We also share how to manage your stress during fast changing times. 

Sat Nam 

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