From Cold Depression to SOVEREIGNTY, Heroine's Journey EP95

Uncategorized May 05, 2021

Welcome to May #sovereignWoman. 

Eclipse season, Mercury and Pluto go retorgrade, and a potent New and Full moon point to May being a very tansformative month. 

Things are about to get even more sovereign on the @sovereignWomanMovement Show this month as we dive deep into really understanding how to overcome the number 1 challenge for humanity in this New Age of Consciousness and at least heavily until 2038- COLD DEPRESSION.

In today's podcast episode, I share with you my heroines journey of how I Went from cold depression, addiction to alcohol, broken relationships, and not living on purpose to sovereign, being able to walk away from my 15+ years business as a Real Estate Broker and Coach to Hundreds of entrepreuneurs, heal my addiction to alcohol, and heal my reltionships in just two short years. 

My life was and continues to be transformed with the SWC method of kundalini yoga therapy and spiritual psychoterapy and in this episode, I share how yours can too. 


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