Spring Equinox REBIRTH with @Vidad3lizy Leaving an old self Behind

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2021

This Spring Equinox is an activation point from the Great Saturn Jupiter Conjunction that happened back on December 21st. 

During this March 2021 Spring Equinox, the Sun will finally be able to see The Saturn Jupiter Conjunction creating a pushing forward momentum of energy. 

There is so much opportunity for healing and transformation, you just have to learn how to use this energy to your advantage.

In today's episode of the @sovereignWomanMovement, I sit down with Friday Co-host @vidad3lizy to have an honest discussion on the truth about change and transformation, what this had to do with her dreams of drowning as a child, how we carry an armor to protect us which weighs us down, and how our ancestors have guided each one of us to break specific karmic cycles during this very auspicious time. 

This is one of my favorite conversations with Lizy, well actually they all are. :) 


Tune In #sovereignWoman

 Happy Spring Equinox, Happy Rebirth


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