Solar Plexus, Inner Child Wounds, & Global Reset EP68

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021


We are undergoing a HUGE metamorphosis as a human race that is triggering our inner child wounds. 

If you are not aware of the changes that are happening in your body, mind, spirit, it can become very easy for you to believe that there is no hope for your physical or mental healing. 

In today's podcast episode I share with you what our Solar Plexus is within our energetic bodies and chakra system, why it is being transmuted, and transformed from an old way of only operating from the mind to learning how to not bypass our own healing so we can consciously co-create from the heart. 

We also look at the great global economic reset that is coming, why the awareness of racisms is at a higher level now, and why the truth is coming out as it relates to the abuse of women and Mother Nature which has to do to with the Solar Plexus mutation we are undergoing and your inner child wounds. 


Epic time to be alive. 

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Sat Nam 


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