Spring Equinox Rituals- Detox & Purify TODAY Purify the BODY with a 5 day Cleanse EP 71

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

The most exciting and motivating astrological event this week comes on Saturday, when the Sun moves into fiery Aries, marking both the beginning of Aries season as well as a new astrological year AND we also welcome Spring Equinox on Saturday, a time for rebirthing and MAJOR new beginnings. 

In today's podcast episode, I share with you:

-why the Spring Equinox is so important to a Yogi 

-why it is crucial that we detox and purify during this month

-why detoxing and purification look different to different people

-why we should not get so caught up in trying to be PURE and CLEAN like someone else (IE no alcohol, no Cannabis, No Sugar) but instead learn to know ourselves so well that we make decisions out of our self-experience and SOVEREIGNTY not just what others Say. 

-my 5 day juice and yogi tea cleanse

Check it out and send me a DM if you need the Yogi Tea Recipe.


Sat Nam 


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