How to get UNSTUCK when you are LEVELING UP and HEALING EP 140

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2022

True healing is the ability to go beyond your patterns of limited thinking, beyond your emotions, beyond your body and identities or EGO. 

When we don’t go beyond these patterns and do this deep inner healing work, we will always feel like we are struggling in at least one area of our  life, maybe even more and even worse- we will self sabotage our success unconsciously in order to go back to the vibrational frequency we have been programmed with or comfortable with. 

We will also feel stuck not understanding why no amount of effort seems to be working anymore and why we keep repeating patterns in our life of toxic relationships, addictions prosperity blockages, and illness. 

Today on the SWM Podcast we are talking about why we get stuck when we are in times of up leveling and growing in our life, how to create positive lasting changes in our lives, and how to overcome these patterns on the journey of sovereignty. 

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Sat Nam

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