Master Your Emotions, Kundalini Solar Plexus Meditation for this huge Shift in Consciousness

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2023

The Second prophecy of our ancestors the Mayans stated that humans would go to through extremes and either lose control of their emotions OR strengthen their  inner peace due to the massive earth and consciousness changes occurring.  

This big shift is directly correlated with our emotions and energy which is connected to  the Solar Plexus chakra. In fact, the Solar Plexus Chakra is leading the way in how you and I are evolving from physical awareness using our five senses to spiritual awareness experiencing the divine from within and life through vibration and frequency.  

So what we are doing on my youtube Channel  is going over each of the Mayan prophecies and then doing what they advised us to do to heal and take our sovereignty back body, mind, and spirit during these times which is to connect heart and brain with tantric practices like kundalini yoga and meditation.  

To do this each week we are activating and healing a specific chakra center and in this video, we are learning about the Solar Plexus and practicing a kundalini yoga meditation to activate and heal the Solar Plexus.  

Our Intention is to work through each of the chakras each week so the union of the heart brain can occur and we can disrupt all of the ancestral karmic programs causing the disconnection.   Please see below for more information on this Kundalini Yoga Meditation  and watch the video for all the details.  Thank you for sharing and subscribing.   

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Sat Nam

Joti Radjeep Kaur Veronica Barragan

Founder- The Sovereign Woman Academy Satori Wellness LLC

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