The Power, Science, & Spirituality behind Intention the 3rd Principle of Ancestral Healing ep 168

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2023


The third principle of Ancestral Healing INTENTION is one that many women struggle with which keeps them in disruptive toxic intergenerational patterns passed down from generation to generation. But, did you know that science has proven that setting clear intentions can unlock your full potential, increase motivation, and improve outcomes in all areas of life? So why don't we set intentions for healing our ancestral lineage? And why do we struggle with staying committed to our intentions? In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Podcast, we dive into the science and spiritual metaphysics of how intention is not only a powerful tool for personal growth and professional success, but also an essential principle for ancestral healing and disrupting the patterns. We also look at this week's Astrology and luckiest day of the year Jupiter and the Sun Coming together as well as preview this week's kundalini yoga meditation to help us integrate this principle and balance our Projection with our Intention . Sat Nam

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