Uncategorized Jan 25, 2023
One of the biggest gifts I received in my recent Mayan Temazcal Ceremony was the ability to connect the dots between the wisdom of the Mayan Ancestors and Kundalini Yoga. I shared more about that experience in my last video, but in this video we begin our 7 Week kundalini meditation journey of using kundalini yoga meditations to do exactly what our Mayan Ancestors are telling us to do in order to heal ancestral trauma and THRIVE in sovereignty in this new age of Aquarius which is- bring union to the heart and brain by activating our chakra centers. In today's video, we explore the link between the Mayan ancestors and kundalini yoga, and practice together the Sat Kriya Meditation which is a fundamental for awakening our kundalini energy and to heal this week's chakra the Root Chakra. Please see links below mentioned in video as well as music played.
Comment below if you are in for the next seven weeks and bring a friend!
Sat Nam
Please see links below mentioned in video as...
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AWARENESS-The #1 thing you must develop to Disrupt Ancestral Karmic Patterns EP 152

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022

Are you struggling with repeating karmic patterns in your life of anxiety, depression, toxic relationships, trauma, or prosperity blockages?  Do you feel like you're stuck in a cycle of super challenging energy making you feel lost and overwhelmed?   If so, what is the key to unlocking your potential and breaking free from,  recognizing, and changing these ancestral karmic patterns? Some of the most common questions I get on the healing journey. 

Regardless of the question, there is always one place we all have to start and that is developing AWARENESS.  First awareness as to what pattern you are operating under causing you to recreate the same lessons and keeping you stuck.  Second the awareness of the tools to change these patterns.  

In this video, I show you what awareness is and why it's the number one thing you need to develop to Disrupt Ancestral Karmic Patterns. We also look at the tools- how meditation is a tool to expand your...

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Vitality + Chakras: The #1 Reason Women Fail on their Disrupting Ancestral Karma Healing Journey Ep 151

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2022

In this podcast episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement, I share with you the number one reason why women fail on their healing journey of disrupting ancestral karmic cycles also known many times as intergenerational trauma, and what chakras and vitality have to do with all of this. I talk about the different chakras and how they affect our health and well-being and are linked to our ancestral karma.

I also share the medicina to keep your vitality and chakra system aligned and replenished with details on a specific kundalini yoga meditation that accomplishes this. And because we have a powerful New Moon in Sagittarius filled with so much opportunity for us to align with our hearts desires, we look at how to harness this New Moon Energy with this week's kundalini meditation to complete our cycle of healing and step into a new cycle of abundance, alignment, and sovereignty. Let's disrupt the pattern #sovereignWoman 


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Uncategorized Nov 17, 2022


This week I am sharing with you a kundalini meditation to disrupt patterns of poverty and clear your energy channels for Prosperity and Wealth.  According to Kundalini Yoga, prosperity comes through the heart.   

The Sanskrit mantra, “Har,” translates to “God as the Creative Infinity,” and affirms our ability to co-create. This kriya is a prosperity practice. It is an active combination of mudra (hand position) and mantra (sound) designed to bring prosperity to your life.   This meditation stimulates the mind, along with the moon and Jupiter centers of the hands. It’s the coming together of Moon and Jupiter that’s said to create wealth.   

You may practice this meditation for 3-11 minutes, but no more. 

More than 11 minutes is said to be greedy.  The Practice  Posture: Sit in Easy Pose  

Mudra: Elbows are by the sides, forearms are at a 45° angle, with the fingers at the level...

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BREAKING THROUGH Ancestral Karmic Patterns of SHAME during this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus! EP 149

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2022


A Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Election day In the United States?!!! In this video, I'm sharing why this upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is all about releasing shame and stepping into self-worth and how a specific Kundalini meditation helps you break through ancestral emotional patterns of ancestral karmic shame during this upcoming lunar eclipse. We also talk about what this has to do with my recent visit to Mexico last week, why the meek are inheriting the Earth, and the science of compassion. which is the antidote for releasing shame this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Thank you for watching and subscribing 


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Heal Your Brain from Ancestral Trauma & Rewire your DNA with this Kundalini Meditation 148

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2022

In today's podcast episode, I'm going to share with you a powerful Kundalini meditation that can help you heal your brain in order to heal ancestral trauma. This Kundalini Meditation is known as the Kirtan Kriya and has been studied by many Universities like UCLA. A groundbreaking study at UCLA showed that regular practice increased telomerase—the enzyme linked to structures at the ends of our chromosomes, which affect how our cells age and become shortened and damaged through stress and trauma. Studies showed that telomerase was increased by 43 percent, the largest increase ever recorded in participants who practiced this meditation for 40 Days for 12 Minutes.
Other studies on the practice have shown that it improves blood flow to the brain, reverses memory loss, eases depression and decreases inflammatory genes while increasing healthy ones and has also been researched for it's benefits of reducing and REVERSING alzheimers!! It also rewires your DNA and help syou break...
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How to Disrupt Your Ancestral Karmic Patterns By Mastering Your Emotions EP 147 SOLAR ECLIPSE IN SCORPIO

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2022

Emotions are the language of our ancestors and if we are not honoring and processing our emotions we are going to end up DEPRESSED after all suppressed emotions = depression .  

Today on this powerful commencement of Eclipse Season and 10/25's Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, let’s talk about the 3 steps to master your emotions so you can break ancestral karmic cycle of Intergenerational Patterns.   

Plus this week:  *Working with the Energy of this Emotional Solar Eclipse in Scorpio happening 10/25 *Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to Disrupt Ancestral Karmic Patterns for this Solar Eclipse  *What training & rewiring your subconscious Mind, healing your brain, and nervous system have to do mastering your emotions and being Emotionally intelligent #sovereignWoman    



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Clear Karma from your Ancestors & Exes in Just 5 MINUTES with this Kundalini Meditation EP 146

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2022


In this video, I'm teaching you how to clear karma from your ancestors and exes in just 5 minutes with the help of Kundalini yoga.  

Kundalini yoga is a powerful self- healing technology that can help you clear karma from your ancestors and exes in just 5 minutes.   

There is a specific area in our energetic field where we store and accumulate karma that in Kundalini Yoga Tantric Numerology is known as the Arcline or 6th energetic body.  If we are not clearing karma, we are basically functioning under some king of programming.  

This meditation is perfect for people who want to disrupt the patterns of negative Karma in their lives quickly and easily.  After watching this video, you'll be able to use this Kundalini yoga meditation to clear karma from your ancestors and exes in just minutes.


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Ancestral Karma: 3 Reasons Why Immigrants & Natives Struggle More & How to Know When to Get Help EP 145

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2022

Ancestral Karma is often referred to as intergenerational trauma, bottom line impacts you even more if you are an immigrant, a child of an immigrant, or a Native with Indigenous Roots.  

In this week's Sovereign Woman Movement Episode we are looking at the top 3 reasons this is true as well as this week's astrological energy update which includes the God of Karma himself Saturn going direct, spiritual psychotherapy, and Kundalini Yoga Meditation to clear Karma.   And remember to join me live on Wednesday at 11am MST where you can practice with me LIVE the Kundalini Meditation to clear  karma from your arcline.   

Thanks for liking, subscribing, and sharing.   

Sat Nam  


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Why Ancestral Karma Impacts You Even When you Didn't go Through the Trauma Yourself Science of Epigenetics EP 144

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2022


There was this one time that I was coaching a client and she told me that she felt a lot of anger and anxiety, but that there was nothing in specific in her childhood that she could even remember that would be causing  it. 

And it's not just this client, there are other clients that have expressed to me the same concerns.

They can't pinpoint the cause for their anxiety and feel lost and confused as to why they are struggling with life so much and repeating patterns in their lineage.  

What we don't know is that our anxiety, depression, and physical and life challenges as adults, aren't always just the cause of our childhood.

The truth is that you ancestor's intergenerational trauma can absolutely turn on in you the genes of addiction, depression, and other toxic patterns in your lineage years and years later if you don't manage stress correctly or if you yourself go through a traumatic event. 

In this episode of the Sovereign Woman Movement Podcast...

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