Welcome to your Virtual Spiritual Wellness Center and society of #SovereignWomen where we heal, transform, and take our power back! 

New healthy habits and neural pathways in the brain will be created. FREEDOM from Emotional Trauma and misdirected energy is our intention.


Support of other women to fully step into your Power.

Learn to confront the world as a Saint, but live as a Spiritual Warrior ready for life. 

This world has completely changed and this is just the beginning. 

This is your Spiritual Awakening.

Take your sovereignty back. 

“I’ve spent that last few years in search of a spiritual practice and community that I could show up without judgement. A practice / community that connected wellness and spirituality.  I knew there was something out there. I just didn’t know what it was or honestly where to look.  All that changed the day I found Veronica. 

Satori Wellness/Center  has opened my eyes, my heart and soul. “


Diane Carillo #SovereignWoman 


Kundalini Yoga

Live weekly kundalini yoga classes, meditation classes. 40 Day Meditation Challenges. Replay available on your own app. 

A Course in Miracles 

Spiritual Metaphysics and Psychotherapy on Steroids. 

Live weekly discussion groups and mentorship. 

Sovereignty Leadership Mentorship

Expanding Metaphysical across the Cosmos



Kundalini Yoga and Leadership for Girls. Weekly LIVE classes 

Holistic Recipes 

Simple yogic recipes designed to deeply heal and nourish you while tuning your body to the celestial cycle

Monthly Workshops with Leading Guests 

Monthly curated experiences aligned with the Cosmos and leading Spiritual Teachers and Holistic Healers 

Sisterhood, Community 

A community of sisters await you to assist you on your journey back home to Sovereignty.

Energy Readings

Energetic intuitive readings in our classes and for the moon cycles 

Monthly Membership

$55 per month



$55 PER MONTH Click Here to Enroll

Yearly Membership

$555 per Year


$555 per year Click Here to Enroll

You'll receive access to our private Facebook Group as well as your own Satori App with a library of classes and also to watch any class replays when you can't join us live.

Monthly Membership

$55 per month



$55 PER MONTH Click Here to Enroll

Yearly Membership

$555 per Year


$555 per year Click Here to Enroll

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Each month’s classes and content is curated to align your life with the sacred cycles of time, so you can experience a deep sense of healing, clarity, fulfillment and SOVEreignty .

When you become a #sovereignWoman of satori, you’ll get access to all the practices and meditations, yogic tips and Leadership secrets you need to be a #SovereignWoman. 

You have two options, pay monthly or SAVE and Pay Yearly. 

Click on the Option that best fits your needs and enroll today. 

11% of your monthly membership or yearly membership will go towards our #SovereignPlanet Foundation of brining community gardens, water, and sustainable living solutions to underserved communities in the USA and world

No contracts, cancel anytime. 

Satori #SovereignWoman Yearly Membership SAVE

$555.00 USD

Tricia McKenna

“When I found out about Satori Wellness and Kundalini Yoga, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was suffering internally mentally, Spiritually, and even Physically and I knew that I needed to make changes in my life.

As Part of the program early on we were assigned a specific meditation and when we had a 40 day challenge,  I was one of the first ones to complete it. 

The reason I stayed disciplined with it was because I saw immediate results. 

I saw results with my relationship with my husband, I saw results with my relationship with my children, I saw results financially, physically, and mentally as well.

SO I would highly encourage you to become a #SovereignWoman member of Satori Wellness.”



Yesenia Martinez

“Being a part of Satori has been such a huge blessing in my life. The amount of value you get from this membership is something you can’t really put into words. Whenever I have a problem or I simply want to talk this community is always willing to embrace me with open minds and hearts. Satori is a spiritual center and women’s community all rolled into one. Personally, I find the access to incredible workshops, yoga sessions,  and meditations courses (just to name a few) and the opportunity to interact with like minded women extremely beneficial. Satori is truly revolutionary. “

Become a #SovereignWoman 




Monthly Membership

$55 per month



$55 PER MONTH Click Here to Enroll

Yearly Membership

$555 per Year


$555 per year Click Here to Enroll