Holistically Heal 

Body, Mind, & Spirit 

to break Ancestral Karma 

Download your free Weekly Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health Plan of Kundalini Yoga Meditation & ACIM Spiritual Psychotherapy aligned with the Cosmos. 

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This Eguide is for your if you…

  • If you are someone that keeps repeating patterns of toxic relationships, illness, abuse, addiction, and prosperity blockages.
  • At a crossroads in your life Spiritually, Physically, or Mentally and have struggled for a a long time
  • If traditional methods of therapy and healing have not worked or do not resonate
  • If you are not afraid to do the inner work to learn to forgive, accept, and change the only thing you can change which is you.

EGuide Includes:  

  • Three mistakes to avoid on your holistic healing journey & three truths to know 
  • Hindrances on the journey 
  • A weekly sample Mental Health Plan aligned with the Planets Including: - A daily Powerful Kundalini Meditation to help you rewire the brain and mind from addictive negative thoughts, heal and repair the brain from addiction and clear ancestral karma/trauma, while installing new neural pathways and patterns in the brain for lasting results
  • Spiritual psychotherapy prompts for the day to help you reframe your thoughts and to bring awareness to your thoughts 
  • My HAAS Technique to help you break the patterns on your healing journey when triggers arise

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