A Movement of #Sovereign Women Disrupting Ancestral Karmic Patterns


Prioritizing your Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health has never been more important

Disrupt the Pattern


Allow the Science of Energy Kundalini Yoga and A Course in Miracles Spiritual Psychotherapy  to help you disrupt Ancestral Karmic Patterns and transform your life Body, Mind, and Spirit


We incarnated to expand our consciousness and awareness not to identify with our stories of trauma

Rewire Your DNA

Epigenetics now proves that very few diseases are passed down genetically, but what does get passed down intergenerational is our ancestors coping mechanisms, traumas, addictions, and mental instabilities such as depression. Our DNA is our ancestors memories and science now shows we can alter our DNA through sound, breath, and other holistic techniques. By doing this you change patterns of addiction, lack, poverty, abuse, and trauma from your life and generations before and after you. 

Changing the Program

Our nervous systems are shaped in the womb based on our Mother's Nervous system and her environment. Our brains are in Teta stage from ages 0-7 making us like sponges absorbing all the programming around us and creating subconscious programs and neural pathways in the brain. We need to change the program to be able to fully bring the healing circle home.

All human beings are equipped to self-heal and with an innate capacity for Spirituality, yet we are a society that has been educated out of this truth and our awakened spiritual awareness. 

Neuroscience now proves cultivating spirituality leads to things like better grip, better optimism and incubates us against trauma, addiction, and depression .  


Why Kundalini Yoga and a Course in Miracles?

Why Now? 

Our current healthcare system has significant weaknesses, including its focus on symptom treatment at the expense of ignoring underlying causes and risk factors, and a very poor ability at fostering healthy lifestyle change, all of this in an ongoing worldwide epidemic of noncommunicable, lifestyle-related chronic diseases.
The techniques and practices of Kundalini Yoga and A Course in Miracles fully addresses these weaknesses body, mind, and Spirit. 
Our classes also introduce you to the energy work needed to disrupt ancestral karmic patterns in your life and lineage. 


“I’ve spent that last few years in search of a spiritual practice and community that I could show up without judgement. A practice / community that connected wellness and spirituality.  I knew there was something out there. I just didn’t know what it was or honestly where to look.  All that changed the day I found Veronica. 

Satori Wellness/Center  has opened my eyes, my heart and soul. “


Diane Carillo #SovereignWoman 


Emotions are energy in motion and the language of our Ancestors and healing only happens at the level of the mind .

It took me a long time to prioritize my mental, physical and spiritual health.

But when I finally surrendered by turning inward and the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga came into my life, I learned how to process emotions and rewire my subconscious ancestral karmic  programming. 

I took my sovereignty back.


I learned how to stabilize my nervous system & self-regulate emotions instead of relying on outside substances like alcohol.

I learned to release stored trauma in my body.

I learned how to understand my pain so I could heal an addiction to alcohol.

learned how to forgive others, but more importantly myself.

I learned how to rewire my subconscious from toxic relationship patterns in my lineage 

I discovered my life purpose and took action upon it leaving my 15 year over six-figure business without hesitation and with ease to now help other women disrupt ancestral karmic patterns 


Kundalini Yoga

*Learn the Science of energy Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with 2 Live weekly kundalini yoga & meditation classes. (replay available on your own app for those that can't join live)

*Strategic Yearly Energy Plan to keep your Energy, Vitality, and Focus in healthy balance. 

*40 Day Meditation Challenges. 

*Special New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipse, Solstices, and Equionox events 

*Class Mentorship where you can ask questions on your specific situations 

*Community of #sovereignWoman to support you on your growth 

A Course in Miracles - Live Class Tuesday 6pm MST 

*Spiritual Metaphysics and Psychotherapy on Steroids Weekly Live Mentorship 

*Practical application for day to day life 

*Opportunity to ask questions and chime in on conversation 


*Replay available on your own app

*No prior ACIM Experience needed

Sisterhood, Community 

A community of sisters walking with you on your journey back home to you.

Energy Readings

Energetic intuitive daily readings  

Monthly Membership

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$555 per year Click Here to Enroll

You'll be part of our private Facebook & Telegram Group as well as have access to your own Satori App with a library of classes so you can watch all class replays when you can't join us live.

Denise Saucedo

"The downloads I get during my meditations are so awakening. I always thought I was self-aware, but this was very different. I actually want to change. I see the freedom I will get from it if I do. I can only imagine how powerful my mind will continue to be. I'm grateful, hopeful, and excited to be on this inner healing program. A journey to a new and healthier me. Sat Nam" 


Tricia McKenna

“When I found out about Satori Wellness and Kundalini Yoga, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was suffering internally mentally, Spiritually, and even Physically and I knew that I needed to make changes in my life.

As Part of the program early on we were assigned a specific meditation and when we had a 40 day challenge,  I was one of the first ones to complete it. 

The reason I stayed disciplined with it was because I saw immediate results. 

I saw results with my relationship with my husband, I saw results with my relationship with my children, I saw results financially, physically, and mentally as well.

SO I would highly encourage you to become a #SovereignWoman member of Satori Wellness.”



Yesenia Martinez

“Being a part of Satori has been such a huge blessing in my life. The amount of value you get from this membership is something you can’t really put into words. Whenever I have a problem or I simply want to talk this community is always willing to embrace me with open minds and hearts. Satori is a spiritual center and women’s community all rolled into one. Personally, I find the access to incredible workshops, yoga sessions,  and meditations courses (just to name a few) and the opportunity to interact with like minded women extremely beneficial. Satori is truly revolutionary. “

Monthly Membership

$55 per month



$55 PER MONTH Click Here to Enroll

Yearly Membership

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$555 per year Click Here to Enroll
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Each month’s classes and content is curated to align your life with the sacred cycles of time, so you can experience a deep sense of healing, clarity, fulfillment and SOVEreignty .
When you become a #sovereignWoman of satori, you’ll get access to all the practices and meditations, yogic tips and Leadership secrets you need to be a #SovereignWoman. 
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Join our Movement Become a #SovereignWoman 




Monthly Membership

$55 per month



$55 PER MONTH Click Here to Enroll

Yearly Membership

$555 per Year


$555 per year Click Here to Enroll

Kenya T.

"The feeling I have lately with the changing of my mindset is amazing. Thank you Veronica Barragan for blessing me with this knowledge and journey." #sovereignwoman Sat Nam!" 

Elvira M.

"I am so grateful to share this journey with beautiful, powerful women like yourself and at satori. I am beyond amazed, and happy. I’m seriously going through some major life changes, painful, and scary but at the same time enlightening, awakening, joyful, and happy because I’ve found my truth. I’ve found my peace, love, and happiness within. I can see the beauty in everything even though it seems everything is falling apart but coming together at the same time. Beautiful journey. Sat Nam! #SovereignWoman"