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Joti Radjeep Kaur

Spiritual Wellness Counselor and founder of the #SovereignWoman Movement & Academy and Satori Wellness & Spirituality

There are several ways you can work with me in reaching the optimum state of Sovereignty in your life as it relates to holistic health, personal relationships,  spiritual healing, and business. 

My unique experience with the world's natural healing modalities, shamanic work with Plant Medicines in the Amazon Jungle, Kundalini Yoga teacher training, Reiki Attunements, AND 15 years of business entrepreneurship is a rare recipe for Sovereignty. 

My group programs include energy mastery and business alignment, while my one one one programs include trauma and addiction recovery, Integration programs for plant medicine therapy, business launches and corporate wellness. 

Find out More how you can work with me in healing holistically and aligning in business energetically by clicking below.


Book A Virtual Holistic Healing Session

One on One Consultations

Intuitive Energy Healing 1 Hour Virtual Sessions with a review of your tantric numerology report and a 40 day plan of action for holistically healing body, mind, Spirit, and karma, yours and ancestral.

Satori Wellness

Virtual Space for Transformation

Satori Wellness

Join the movement. Take the initiative to heal your life and take your Sovereignty back with the discipline of the inner work. Welcome to your online Virtual Holistic Wellness and Spiritual Center .
-Live Kundalini Yoga Classes
-Live Meditation Classes
-Holistic Recipes
-A Course in Miracles Mentorship
-Intuitive Readings
- Business & Leadership

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Corporate Wellness

Transforming Organizations and Entrepreneurs from within 

Release stress holistically, raise productivity. 

Personalized to your Company Holistic Wellness, Meditation, and Mindfulness Programs. 


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#SovereignWoman Academy

Sovereign Woman is a divine dance between the mind and the heart. The Spiritual and the Physical.

The Science and the Metaphysical.

Balance your energetic bodies through Kundalini Technology so you can heal body, mind, and spirit, &  master your energy, burn karma, and align with your dharma. 

11 Week Journey

Become a #SovereignWoman

Personalized Healing and Business Programs

Virtual One on One Programs

Trauma/Addiction Recovery Program

Trauma and Addiction recovery is something I am very familiar with personally and have had to overcome . 

Through a personalized 6 week program we work one on one on shifting the energy and perceptive reality on the specific traumas or addictions that are robbing you of your sovereignty. 

Weekly One on One Virtual Meetings with a personalized plan based on your needs.  

This program is specifically for those needing to heal ancestral wounds, childhood traumas, adult trauma, and/or  addictions. 

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40 Day Business Set Up & Launch Program

Discover, Create, and Launch your Expert online business in 40 days.

With my 15 years  both physical and virtual business ownership experience, In my 40 Day Business Energy Boot Camp, we work on four key aspects of your business to create and LAUNCH your expert #SovereignWoman online business. 

Four key pillars that we cover: 

1- Audience, Avatar, and Products

2- List Building, Outlined Launch Strategy, Social Media, and Copyright

3- Systems, Systems, Systems 

4-Aggregators- Facebook Ads and Funnels 

In 40 days you will have a full running energy aligned business with a clear vision for your first two years of business.  One on one weekly virtual calls. 

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Plant Medicine and Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Integration Programs

We are seeing a growing number of people becoming aware and experiencing the healing power of psychedelic assisted therapy, which I refer to as Plant Medicines such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

These are the plant medicines I worked with in 2015 with the guidance of Shamans in Peru. 

What we DON'T see are INTEGRATION programs post experience to help make the end user truly alchemize old stagnant energy and surrender to the REBIRTH.

Research now shows that the success of this type of psychotherapy is directly correlated with post- experience Treatment. 

Kundalini Yoga for me became the tool to integrate my psychedelic assisted experience AND bring to full circle my healing from an addiction to alcohol, not being aligned in business, and healing my relationship with myself. 

The 40 and 120 day programs I created work specifically with Kundalini Yoga technology to REBIRTH from your Plant Medicine Experience and embody your Physical and Spiritual Self. 


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Speaking Requests

My unique holistic approach to healing body, mind, Spirit, addictions, and relationships has allowed me to share my story with others for the purpose of helping others realize their potential, heal body, mind, Spirit holistically, and learn to process stress while strengthening the nervous system. I've had the great honor to speak at local and national events and am dedicated to spread my message of Sovereignty. For Speaking Inquiries please click below.

Group Consultations

One of the most beautiful experiences that Source has allowed me to facilitate are healing circles especially as it relates to grief. Reach out for a custom group healing request like healing circle for your Women's Group, a grief circle, or special events.


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